Since 1946 Zaporizhzhia Confectionery Factory produces confectionery products, the range of which is constantly increasing. All our products are certified and meet high quality standards.

Zaporizhzhia Confectionery Factory produces a variety of candies, caramel, wafers, cookies, halva. Zaporizhzhia Confectionery Factory uses natural products for its products.

Halva – the greatest pride of Zaporizhzhia confectioners, which has no analogues in taste and is in great demand among customers.

Our factory is focused on producing high quality products and affordable price range for most customers. Our own laboratory provides quality control of production and storage of products.

Zaporizhzhia Confectionery Production demonstrates growing demand among consumers in many regions of Ukraine, as well as Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, America and other countries.

The main task in collaboration with customers and partners – to inspire confidence among new partners and maintain stability in existing relationships.

The high quality and unique taste of our candies have long been and remain the hallmark and good tradition of Zaporizhzhia confectionery factory.

We work for you!