PrJSC “Zaporizhzhya Confectionery "ZKF” Historical Background

Before the Great 
Patriotic War there was no industrial production of confectionary in Zaporizhzhya.

In 1945 at the dwelling premises in Artyoma Street there was organized a production of caramel. The production capacity amounted to 300 tons of caramel per year.

On the basis of this production and of the decision of the Executive Committee of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council of People’s Deputies # 55 from November 13th 1945 was established Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory. 

A candy production unit was commissioned in 1947, and in 1949 there was completed the second phase of construction of the main body of the factory.

In July 27th 1957 by the decision of the Executive Committee of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council of People’s Deputies # 431 “Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory on Artyoma Street” was renamed into “Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory named after the 40th anniversary of the Communist Party of Ukraine”.

In 1946 on an adjacent site of Chapayev Street was put into work the “Food products” production unit (manufacture of flour confectionary products). Originally the production unit capacity amounted to 1500 kg per day. From then onwards the capacity had been increased and product range – expanded. New production units were built – Biscuit, Pastille and Biscuit, halva and waffle. Over time the unit was renamed to “Biscuit Factory”. And in 1971 the production line was merged with “Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory”.

During the Soviet times 49 of factory workers were awarded with state prizes, including two of the workers – with the “Order of Lenin”, the other two – with “Order of the October Revolution”, and seven of the workers – with “Order of Red Banner of Labor”, and 80 people worked with the personal mark.

In January 16th 1992 a leased enterprise “Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory” was registered. I December 1994 a Closed Joint-Stock Company JSC“Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory” was established, and in March 2000 it was transformed into Public Joint-Stock Company – PJSC“Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory”. In 2011 the Factory was renamed into Private Joint-Stock Company “Zaporizhzhya Confectionary Factory”.

The Factory supplies its products to the domestic and foreign markets as well – Tajikistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan.

The Factory, being the winner of different competitions, participant of numerous specialized exhibitions, has been many times awarded with diplomas, certificates and letters of commendation.

Currently the office and main production body with production lines for different kinds of caramel – with or without filling, - as well as the production lines for fondant kinds of sweets, waffle based sweets, praline and roasting kinds of sweets are situated at Artyoma Street, 7.

Hard-dough biscuits and sugar cookies, weigh sunflower halva and sunflower halva in briquettes are produced at the second site factory at Chpayeva Street, 14.

The Factory’s manufacturing activity is based on classic traditional technologies. The entire product range of the Factory is certified.

Only natural raw material of high quality that doesn’t contain GMO and preservatives is used for production.

While maintaining the high quality level, the Factory is focused on the manufacture of price affordable production for most of the buyers.

Currently a general reconstruction of the Factory is taking place. The main production units of the confectionary manufacture are being modernized in order to improve the product quality, to reduce the energy intensity of production, to bring the products to the level of modern markets and consumers requirements.

The work for implementation of the Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 is organized and carried out.