Caramel a lollipop
Caramel with the fruit filling
Caramel with filling
Caramel with filling (flow-pack packing)
Lollipops love everything from small to large. It was the candy man comes to sweet dreams of life, and what are pleased to pass the time, enjoying the unforgettable taste of candy of my childhood.
However, if even a few decades ago, an alternative "Barbariska" and "Duchess" did not exist, but now everyone can indulge in candies with different fillings, choosing for himself a few favorite sweets.
The benefits of enjoying candy just do not find it. They improve mood, provide the body with glucose, freshen breath and even fight with the first symptoms of colds.
Zaporizhia confectionary offers you candy to buy at the best price from the manufacturer. In our assortment you will find how to love and authenticated decades lollipops "Duchess", "Barberry", "Mu-Mu", "Dream" and "Dubok" as well as new types of candy - "Milk Disco", "Dzhemka" " Tvistik "and others.
Lollipops from the GCF - the perfect solution for children's parties, picnics, and just a pleasant friendly tea.