Packed sugar biscuits
Weigh sugar biscuits
Hard-dough biscuits
Cookies - a traditional treat millions of people around the world. The first thing we do, inviting guests to his house - brew flavored tea and neatly laid out on a plate of sugar cookies with whom any conversation becomes more interesting, and most importantly - delicious.
Zaporizhia confectionary factory for many years engaged in the production of the traditional sugar and long cookies. Only here you can buy cookies and wholesale producer prices. The range of our cookies is regularly updated with new positions. All products are made from the best ingredients, the quality of which is checked at every stage of production.
Biscuits of GCF does not contain in its composition flavorings harmful food additives and preservatives. We offer expensive to buyers known types of cookies that wants to enjoy indefinitely, the taste of which is simply impossible to forget.
We are personally responsible for the quality of our products, and are absolutely sure that our cookies will be the most delicious addition to any holiday. Have time to buy cookies from GCF wholesale and retail. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.